For Love Or Party: How does political ideology affect relationships?

For Love Or Party: How does political ideology affect relationships?

by Chris McDonald


Him: Conservative Republican, anti-Washington, sick and tired of Government spending. He has a Tea Party Express bumper sticker on his Ford F-150.

Her: Liberal Democrat, sick and tired of war, pollution, and failing immigration policies. She has an Obama bumper sticker on her Toyota Prius.

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven, does it? These sound like two very different people, with very different outlooks on life. If we set this “couple” up on a blind date, would they even make it past the appetizers?

Political pundits James Carville (Democrat) & Mary Matalin (Republican) are able to make love and politics work.

Politics is never the first thing people use to spark up a conversation. More times than not, it is left out, because most people are very protective of their personal beliefs, and unwilling to compromise. Sounds very similar to our favorite politicians in Washington, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, avoiding politics could affect your relationship with your significant other. Communication, conversation, and trust are three pillars needed to build a successful partnership. If you are against abortion, and your boyfriend or girlfriend is Pro-Choice, does that mean you have to break up? No, but if you don’t have a discussion about it, some type of argument is bound to occur if the topic is brought up.

The beauty of political ideology in our country is that we are given the right to decide as an individual what policies we agree and disagree with. If we don’t like those in power, we can vote them out. If we feel our rights are being threatened, we can protest. Our Democratic and Republican lawmakers argue and bicker every day over which direction to lead our country. It is a dysfunctional marriage, with both sides almost always unhappy with each other. At the end of the day though, both sides love each other, even if they don’t like each other at that moment.

Compare that to a relationship, and the same rules apply. Both sides have their own opinions and personal views on life. Not everyone fits them into a Democratic or Republican box, but you are bound to have disagreements and arguments based on your beliefs. If you don’t, that means you aren’t communicating enough, plain and simple. Understanding both sides of the argument is how compromise is made. If you girlfriend is a Republican, and you are a Democrat, listen to what she has to say. Tell her why you feel the way you feel. You may see there is more common ground on the subject than you thought, and she may see that you have valid points as well.

Political ideology will only affect your relationship if you don’t state your views. Once everything is out in the open, then you can see what you can agree on, and what should stay out of the next discussion. You won’t always agree, but if the love is truly there, it will conquer all, no matter who you plan to vote for in 2012

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