Barack and Michelle: The True Power Couple

Barack and Michelle: The True Power Couple

by Chris McDonald

With today being Valentine’s Day, what better couple to highlight than our very own President and First Lady.  Barack and Michelle Obama are a true example of what is possible, when love is in your life, and determination to be something other than the status quo is in your mind.

 The President is a busy man, to say the least, but he still finds time to take his wife out for dates, anniversaries and vacations with their daughters.  Michelle, meanwhile, has her own schedule to maintain, which keeps her busier than most of us can imagine.  Plenty of Presidential couples have come in and out of the White House, so what really makes this couple so different?

 They seem like they are REALLY in love.  In the age of social media, we have never had the type of access to a President that we do now.  They, as well as their families, truly live their lives in public, for the world to see, in a way that is unprecedented.  No matter work or play, they always seem to be on the same page, a true power couple, in every sense of the word.

 It’s not normal to want to model yourself and your relationship with your significant other after a President and First Lady.  Television, movies, music, they all push us in the direction what we should believe that true love is.  Most of the time it involves money, gifts, and even power.  Barack and Michelle have more power than any of us can imagine, but the White House isn’t where their love story began.  It began with humble beginnings, with dreams, with faith that their futures would bring them everything they ever wanted, together.  That type of commitment is tough for any couple to handle, but they show not only what love is capable of, but what love can guarantee you, if you believe in it.

 Michelle Obama says laughter is the key to their marriage.  Sounds simple, right?  It’s probably what they used to push through when everything wasn’t great, when difficult times found them.  That type of bond is what we all strive for, hoping that even when we aren’t at our best, that special person in our life is there to not only make up the difference, but be the difference in our life.  The Obama’s are the model for balancing love, power, and responsibility.  On this Valentines Day, we should be thankful to have such a couple to model our own relationship after.  Success is the ultimate dream in the minds of all American’s.  These two prove that when done together, it’s not only rewarding for the couple, but for generations of younger couples to look up to.

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