Where do we go from the tragedy in Tucson?

Where do we go from the tragedy in Tucson?

After a gunman opened fire Saturday in Tucson, Arizona, killing six people and wounding 14, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, several questions remain in its aftermath.  One in particular is this: How can politicians stay safe in an increasingly dangerous climate of overblown partisan rhetoric?

Since the incident, fingers have been pointed from both sides of the aisle, as well as media outlets quick to dismiss the gunman as a Tea Party fanatic, or Liberal nutcase.  The gunman, Jared Lee Loughner, had alarmingly hostile views that could be described as extremely anti-Government and anti-establishment.  What we don’t know is if these views were created based on allegiance to a particular party, or a result of the sometimes dangerous rhetoric being used from both.  

Regardless of how we feel about our government, this incident is appalling and demands immediate action from the President, as well as Speaker Boehner, to move on from this tragedy improving relations on both sides, and show that this won’t be tolerated.  The past two years have been full of heated arguments between Democrats and Republicans that had even spilled over into town hall meetings across the country.  The shooting in Tucson is further proof that it has all gone too far, and we must now take a step back.  The media has a responsibility as well, from Glenn Beck to Keith Olbermann, to tone down their own shows and personal views in the wake of this tragedy. 
WHW Fam, here is this weeks poll:

Will Politicians Learn From The Tucson Tragedy And Work Together To Change The Toxic Political Climate In Washington?

  • No (75%)
  • Yes (25%)
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My Thoughts:

 I am interested to see what road President Obama and the Democrats take, as well as Speaker Boehner and his Republican party.  Will They point fingers, or work together?  Will they blame each other’s party, or come together as one to change the public’s perception of our Government.  I don’t believe for one minute this incident is isolated, there are people all over the country who feel the way this gunman feels about the country, and it’s downright scary.  Everyone must take accountability to stop spreading fear of each others ideology for political gain.  The media is just as resposible for sending these messages, but it is the job of our government to keep the peace.  It may take all year based on the heated arguments over the past two years, but preventing more bloodshed should be just as important as any piece of legislation in 2011.

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