2011 Buick Regal

by Mike Tucker Jr

Knowing the all new Buick Regal was due to arrive in my driveway, I reviewed some of the vehicle’s history and even found that “regal” is defined in the dictionary as, “notable excellence.”  Once face to face with it, I thought they dropped off a BMW by mistake.  The Regal’s notably excellent outward appearance had me at, “hello.” Mind you I wasn’t expecting much from a Buick. Surprisingly, it delivered like the mail on Sunday inside and out leaping from mid-size car to upscale sedan.

While the exterior demanded a second look, so did the lavish looking interior.

The Regal currently only comes in CXL trim, but it’s a substantial offering with 18 inch wheels, leather appointed 12-way power seats, Bluetooth for phone, MP3 jack, USB port, XM radio and OnStar all standard.

The drive wasn’t quite as fun as some of the other luxury sports sedans; it was a heavy and a little stiff, and the cramped backseat was a low point for the dad in me. But hey, Buick’s just getting started. They took styling and performance cues from Europe to fashion a vehicle that can hit the runway on the world’s stage.

Price Tag:  $26,245 base ($29,980 tested)

Power:  2.4L direct injected four-cylinder engine is standard 182 horsepower.  2.0L turbocharged 220 horsepower engine will be offered in the 2012 model.

Transmission:  Six-speed automatic with driver shifting control.  Manual transmission us also coming.

Drivetrain:  front-wheel drive

Fuel Economy (mpg):  19-city/30-hwy (impressive!)

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