Will the Republican’s “Pledge” Work for America

by Chris McDonald

In response to last week’s poll, 71% of you believe:  Congress should allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for upper income Americans.  This topic has continued to dominate news headlines, with President Obama standing firm on wanting to raise taxes on the wealthy. Republicans and many Democrats, however, are calling for an extension of all cuts, which is sure to spark more heated debate until a decision is reached.

This past week, the GOP unveiled their “Pledge To America”, which their leaders claim will restore America to prosperity.  The “Pledge” , which can be viewed here: is the Republicans plan of action should they retake majority of Congress in November.  It has been blasted by the White House and Democrats, and has even received a lukewarm reception from the Tea Party, who don’t think the 21 page document goes far enough.

Please take a look at this document WHW Family, and then let us know:  Is this document going to restore jobs, lower unemployment, lower the deficit and restore America’s economy?  Will this pledge make you head to the polls November 2nd and vote Republican?  Take a second to vote:

What do you think of the GOP pledge to America?

  • The GOP Pledge to America is a collection of old ideas that helped create the Recession in the first place. (60%)
  • The GOP Pledge to America will help the country move forward. (40%)
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My Opinion:

I don’t feel the need to say much, because the actual document says it all for me.  There are not many new ideas in this document, mostly old ones that have not worked and have helped cause many of the issues the country is facing.  Instead of coming up with a better solution for the health care bill, they just want to repeal it.  And furthermore, how exactly do you cut taxes AND lower the deficit?

Here is the bottom line, the country is still facing numerous obstacles, and a 21 page document is not going to solve all of the problems.  Announcing the “Pledge” in a hardware store in Virginia wearing casual dress clothes does not make you any more in tune with the problems of ordinary Americans John Boehner, but nice try.  Why don’t you and your GOP constituents go back to the drawing board and try again.  Your Pledge will bring more of the same big business and special interest power back to Washington, and if anyone needs any more proof, take note that one of the author’s of the document was a lobbyist for some of the worlds largest oil, pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or Tea Party Express advocate, you have to agree that the Pledge to America falls well short.  If we are to truly rise out of this tumultuous time and spur the economy again, we will need a collection of ideas, some proven, some new and untested, to regain our footing.  After November 2nd, we will find out whether or not the Pledge will work for America this time.

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4 Responses

  1. Trent Querry 27. Sep, 2010 at 3:30 pm #

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  2. Lisa Krempasky 27. Sep, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

    Both the GOP and the liberals are behaving horribly on the Bush tax cuts. They are playing a high stakes game of poker and no one is going to lose but us. I am so exhausted by leaders playing politics.


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