Should Congress Extend the Bush Tax Cuts?

by Chris McDonald

Last week my blog was about America having a Republican President, and I asked if America would be better off today with John McCain as the Commander in Chief.
Overwhelmingly (88% to be exact), you said NO.  This ties in perfectly with this week’s topic: The Bush Tax cuts.  Enacted in 2001 and 2003, these cuts are due to expire for all Americans, unless Congress votes to extend them. 

As usual, Republicans and Democrats are not in agreement with each other, but this time is different because there is actually some common ground:  Democrats want to extend the tax cuts for everyone except the wealthy, Republicans want to extend them for everyone. 

My Opinion:
Since this is a topic where there is some agreement from both sides, one would think our well paid Congressional leaders should be able to reach a compromise. Here is what I would do : Extend them for everyone for two years, and then cast a vote again.  If the economy has not recovered enough to sustain the costs, extend them again, but only if both parties agree to cut spending elsewhere.  This, to me, makes more sense than raising taxes on anyone.

So who’s side are you on?  Both the Republicans and Democrats have valid points and with November midterms looming, one thing is for certain: The party who is able to convince voters that they are right on this subject could determine who wins the 2010 midterm elections.

What do you think WHW family?

What should Congress do about the Bush tax cuts?

  • Allow them to expire for upper-income Americans (67%)
  • Extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans (33%)
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