Throw The Socialist Card Out The Deck

by Chris McDonald

Earlier this week I came across a blog on CNN which included an interview with the co-chair of the Socialist Party, Billy Wharton.  The most outrageous claim by Wharton was probably in response to the idea that Barack Obama is a socialist.

“It makes no rational sense. It clearly means that people don’t understand what socialism is.”

Really?  Then why is he being called a Socialist by members of the Tea Party movement on what seems like a daily basis?  His passage of Health Care reform has been viewed by them as a step toward Socialism, but that is not true at all.  The Wall Street and auto industry bailout?  Is that also part of a huge Government takeover?  According its most prominent member…not so much.

Socialistic values already exist in America, in small doses.  Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, etc. are all examples.  The word socialism has almost become like a cuss word in the political arena, with a lot of people using it, just because it sounds cool to use, even if it doesn’t make sense.  Obama has certainly used federal power in ways that many can see as overreaching, but labeling our President a Socialist is far-fetched at its best and dangerous at its worst.

We can agree to disagree on many political issues, that is our right, and spinning words and creating distractions is all a part of the process unfortunately.  That being said, I think it’s time to lay off the Socialist/Dictator/Communist rhetoric being thrown around about our Commander In Chief.  He has been in office long enough for people to simply disagree with him without having to resort to scare tactics to get their message across.  Real issues need addressing, and whether you agree with his policies or not, it is time to stop the name calling and start pushing America forward.

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