Financial Reform Now

by Chris McDonald

With the country still recovering from “The Great Recession”, Financial Reform is finally getting closer to becoming a reality.  Both Republicans and Democrats, while not totally in agreement on a bill, both agree something must be done to ensure that another financial meltdown is avoided. 

A Bi-Partisan approach will be easier to reach than the Health Care Reform debacle, because this bill hits closer to home for American’s.  Having to give up our hard earned tax payer dollars to save the country’s biggest banks has left a bitter taste in our mouths, and most Americans do agree that things must change ( A recent Reuter’s Poll showed that 59% of American’s favored financial reform).  Health Care Reform was more or less shoved down our throats, and it may very well help this country economically in the long run.  Financial Reform is something that affects everyone in this country right now, and we deserve to know how and where our taxpayer dollars will be spent.

My message to Congress:  Get this right, and get this bill done and passed.  No more public jabs, no more scare tactics and fear mongering.  Our biggest fears as a nation were too close to happening a few years ago when the financial system almost crashed.  Do us a favor, and compose a bill that will ensure that never happens again.  It doesn’t matter who the architects are, Republican, Democrat or Independent.  For the country and for your jobs (which will be up for grabs in this year’s elections) you owe it to us to put together a bill that moves the country forward.

 President Obama will have his involvement in the process, as he should, but it is up to our Congressional leaders to put political posturing aside and show us why we shouldn’t vote them all out of office and start over.  We’ve seen the ugliest side of politics imaginable this past year with the Health Care Overhaul.  Show us you can do it the right way and Reform the Financial System.

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