Trump Card

Trump Card

I’m coming to you with a very troubled heart.  Somebody I know and trust told me they saw my 27-year-old sister doing what looked like a drug purchase in an area known for drug activity.  I’m hurt and afraid for my sister.  If my parents knew she was on drugs they would be heartbroken but they could also try to help her.  I want to tell them but I also don’t want to betray my sister.  What should I do?

Confused (Washington, DC) 


Dear Confused,

I see how you could feel like this is a dilemma but it isn’t.  This is a difficult situation however, what you must do is crystal clear.  Try to verify whether your sister is using drugs.  Although someone allegedly saw her buying drugs, doesn’t make it true.  The story could be false or the person could have misinterpreted what they saw.  Bottom line–you do not know anything about your sister’s lifestyle until she admits it (which is not likely to happen) or you personally observe it.  Read literature and speak to professionals to learn the signs of a person that is using.  Try to spend a lot of time with your sister so you can better observe her behavior.  Speak to people you can trust that may have some insight to what is going on with your sister.  If you discover or have strong reason to believe your sister is actually using drugs, without question or regret, share this information with your parents. 

Whenever a loved one is involved in illegal or self-destructive behavior like drug abuse, their health and safety trumps camaraderie.  I hope your sister is not using drugs but, if she is, slam your trump card on the table!!  Doing so just may save her life.

Hoping For The Best,


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