Chocolate City: The Original DC Anthem

Chocolate City: The Original DC Anthem

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Many people are familiar with “Welcome To DC”–the hard-driving anthem for the nation’s capital–by a popular Go-Go music group called Mambo Sauce.  But long before residents were blasting the current anthem in their ipods, people bumped the original DC anthem on 8-track tapes.  The band Parliament, lead by the legendary George Clinton, dedicated the title track of their 1975 album to our fair city where their brand of funk was particularly popular.  While “Chocolate City” names several other cities with predominantly black populations, Clinton points out, “…but DC you’re the capital.” 

The term Chocolate City, had been used to describe DC where African Americans were the majority ethnic group.  While its unclear as to who specifically coined the phrase, it originated with black radio disc jockeys from legendary stations WOL-AM and WOOK-AM.     

Other Songs About Washington DC

Welcome to DC–Mambo Sauce (DC-based Go-Go group.)

Dead City—The Hint (Maryland based Pop/New wave group)

Banned In DC—Bad Brains (International Punk group)

Washington DC—Ellis Paul (Folk singer)

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